Andrey Novakov is a Bulgarian politician from the GERB party and MEP in the group of the European People's Republic for 1 minute standard for processing trucks at the borders. It remains to be seen whether there will be a solution to the problem of kilometer queues and waiting for hours.

"In my opinion, they can be checked in less than 1 minute, because at the moment the checks last about 3 minutes. We are talking about European trucks, only at European borders. These are the borders with Greece and Romania. There is an electronic system that can recognize the numbers of cars even before they come to the border, "said MEP Andrey Novakov on the air of Bulgaria ON AIR.

Andrey Novakov: Bulgaria must respond to Austria's unprincipled behavior towards our entry into Schengen

"It was a success to be allowed to listen to this opinion. We hope that we will be allowed for a resolution of the entire European Parliament and in plenary plus a debate, after which we will insist on legislative changes and verification by the European Commission, "Novakov said.

In his words, this will be a regulation that will apply everywhere in Europe because there are similar queues in Slovenia and Croatia.

"In this way, we ensure that even at the border between Bavaria and Austria there will be no queues. Each truck loses 200 euros to its owner while waiting, "added the MEP.

According to him, many drivers leave their jobs because they do not want to wait at the borders.

"We are currently receiving signals that there are two days of queues at the Danube Bridge in Ruse. We go for a check and the queue begins to melt immediately. Suddenly, everyone starts working normally. There is a need for greater synchronization between all the institutions that are there," Novakov said.

He noted that he hopes that within this term the European Parliament will rule and by the summer some of the queues will be eased. It is of the opinion that this will happen if the European Commission sends people for inspection.

"I don't expect everyone to embrace the idea, especially when it comes to sanctions. We have a technical possibility, it is a matter of desire, "says Novakov.

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