Farewell Weekend in Argentina 3:08 AM

(CNN Español) -- In Argentina, thousands of Boca Juniors members were preparing to elect the new authorities of the club's Board of Directors on Sunday. However, due to a court order from a court in the city of Buenos Aires, the elections were suspended until further notice.

The decision not to hold the elections on December 3 was made by civil judge Alejandra Abrevaya, who accepted a complaint filed by economist Andrés Ibarra, who held several positions during the government of former President Mauricio Macri in Argentina (2015-2019), and is competing for the presidency of Boca against Juan Román Riquelme. former player, one of the main idols in the history of Boca and current vice-president of the club.

According to the ruling accessed by CNN, the magistrate belonging to the National Court of First Instance in Civil Matters No. 11 considers admissible the grounds of the complainant on alleged "irregularities and anomalies" in the register of partners.

The text indicates that the elections cannot be held until "the situation of detected irregularities is judicially defined."

Abrevaya is referring to a complaint filed on November 22 by Ibarra and Macri, who was president of Boca between 1995 and 2008 and is competing in these elections at the club as a candidate for vice president on the list headed by Ibarra. In the text, the complainants express their distrust of the validity of the current electoral roll.


The root of the conflict between Ibarra-Macri and Riquelme

Boca is not only one of the most important clubs on the continent in terms of titles and fans. It also has a surplus of members which, at the time, led the authorities to create the figure of the adhering member.

It is a category that allows anyone to access certain benefits of active members - such as attending matches played at La Bombonera, always subject to the availability enabled by the institution - in exchange for a monthly fee that is equivalent to 50% of the amount of an active member, as explained on Boca's website.

Adherent members can become active members as quotas are released. However, until they are confirmed as such, they cannot vote in the club's elections.

According to Ibarra and Macri, in 2021 almost 13,000 adherent members changed their category. The text presented to the Court details a series of alleged inconsistencies in the way in which some adhering members would have passed to the category of active members.

The club's current leadership rejects the allegations made in the complaint.

This Tuesday, in an interview with TNT Sports – like CNN, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery – Ibarra said that what they are asking for is "that members registered irregularly do not vote, not that the elections are not held. We all want to vote on Sunday."

CNN has reached out to Ibarra's press team for further comment but has not yet heard back.

When will the elections take place in Boca?

According to Judge Abrevaya's ruling, until there is a judicial "definition" of the complaint, the elections will not be held.

A measure that could unblock the legal conflict would be the holding of a hearing between the parties with an agreement on the list of members entitled to vote. CNN has not been able to independently confirm that such a deal will happen in the coming hours.

According to information provided by Boca's press team to CNN, the club currently has more than 315,000 members, including active and adherents.

In an interview with the C5N channel on Monday, Riquelme said that this year he dreams "of achieving more than 57,000 voters, as Barcelona holds the record". And he added that he believes this election "is going to be higher than the last one, which was 37,000 or 38,000." "We hope that no other judge wants to suspend 2,000 or 3,000 voters," he said.

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