It'll be warmer. The minimum temperatures will be between 0° and 5°, slightly higher on the Black Sea coast, in Sofia about 0°, and the maximum between 5° and 10°, in some places in the southern regions up to 12°-13°, in Sofia about 5°.

The cloud cover will be mostly significant. In some places in southern Bulgaria there will be precipitation, mainly from rain, in the mountainous areas from rain and snow, but by the evening everywhere will stop. It will blow weak, in the Danube plain moderate west-northwest wind and with it will invade cold air.

On the Black Sea coast the clouds will be variable, over the southern coast more often significant and in some places there will be light rainfall. It will blow weak, on the northern coast moderate west-northwest wind. Maximum temperatures will be 9°-13°. The temperature of the sea water is 9°-10°. The excitement of the sea will 2-4 balls, as after lunch will weaken.

In the mountains the clouds will be significant with little snowfall, below about 1800 meters of rain and snow. There will be a moderate and strong wind with a western component. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about 3°, at 2000 meters about minus 3°.

In the coming days, sunny weather will prevail over the country and temperatures will rise. In the morning in the lowlands and valleys will form fog or low layered clouds.

Rachev with news about the weather

On Thursday, the minimum temperatures will be between minus 5° and 0°, higher in the southeastern regions, and on Friday everywhere will be positive. The daily temperatures will rise significantly and on Friday the maximum will be between 13° and 18°, lower will remain in the western part of the Danube plain, where it will remain cloudy and foggy.

Saturday will still be relatively warm, but from the northwest the clouds will thicken and rain will begin in the afternoon. From the northwest later in the day will penetrate colder air. In the night to Sunday rainfall will cover the whole country.

On Sunday it will be cloudy, with precipitation. In the Fore-Balkan and in the high fields, and on Monday everywhere in Northern and Western Bulgaria, the rain will turn into snow. The wind will be moderate from the north-northwest. Temperatures will be almost without a daily course from 0°-1° in northwestern Bulgaria to 8°-10° in the southeastern regions.

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