The chairman of the People's Party in Serbia, Vuk Jeremic, assessed that due to the request of key EU member states Serbia to recognise Kosovo's independence, EU membership is no longer a realistically achievable goal for Belgrade.

"That is why we are in favour of redefining our relations with the EU so that Serbia remains in economic relations with Europe as before, without deviating from its critical national interest," Jeremic told the Politika newspaper.

He stressed that Kosovo's status is determined by Serbia's constitution and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, but that this position is currently threatened by Kosovo's European independence plan, which was orally accepted by the current government in Belgrade.

Asked about his party's position on Serbia's NATO membership, Jeremic said Serbia should not become a member of the alliance, nor "otherwise be in danger of being drawn into the wars of the great powers in the 21st century."

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"The People's Party is the sure choice for Serbia's military and political neutrality in the upcoming elections," Jeremic said.

On December 17th, Serbia will hold early parliamentary elections, presidential, regional elections in Vojvodina and local elections in a number of municipalities.

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