Cairo - Sputnik. The Palestinian news agency "Wafa" reported that "two children and a young man were wounded by live bullets, and 7 young men were arrested, this evening [Tuesday], during the Israeli occupation forces' storming of the city of Jenin, north of the West Bank, besieging its camp, and the city's hospitals, and raiding several neighborhoods amid the outbreak of confrontations with citizens." Israeli forces also stormed the town of Araba, south of Jenin, raided several neighborhoods and launched a wide combing and search campaign.According to the agency "Wafa", large forces of the Israeli army stormed the town of Ya'bad, southwest of Jenin, and raided several neighborhoods and a number of homes, Military checkpoints were erected at their entrances, which led to clashes with a number of Palestinians, and Israeli forces stormed the villages of Faqu'a and Jalboun, northeast of Jenin, and launched a wide combing and search campaign in the two villages.The agency added that Israeli forces stormed the towns of Dura and Dhahiriya south of Hebron, and Beit Awwa west of the city, and also raided the areas of Haniniya, Majnouna, Majour and the village of Khursa.At the same time, Israeli forces stormed the West Bank city of Jericho from several axes, and raided the camps of Ain al-Sultan and Aqbat Jabr, where clashes broke out. Violence between Israeli forces and Palestinians, punctuated by live fire, according to Wafa.This comes as the truce between Hamas and Israel continues in the Gaza Strip, in implementation of the agreement to extend the truce and the exchange of a number of prisoners between the two sides.The Israel Broadcasting Corporation announced on Tuesday that Israel and Hamas are discussing through mediators a new agreement that includes the release of all abductees in exchange for an extended ceasefire.The temporary humanitarian truce, reached with Egyptian-Qatari mediation, entered between the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" The agreement stipulates a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for 4 days, the release of 3 Palestinian prisoners, women and children, for each Israeli prisoner, and the daily entry of 200 trucks of relief and medical supplies, 4 trucks of fuel and gas cylinders to all areas of the Gaza Strip, and it was agreed on 27 November to extend the truce for two additional days under the same terms as the original truce agreement. The first actual step towards calm in the raging war since the escalation between the Palestinian Hamas movement and the Israeli army began, when the movement announced, at dawn on Saturday, October 7, the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, where thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel and its forces stormed Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip, killing about 1,400 Israelis, most of them settlers, in addition to capturing about 250 others. The Israeli offensive on Gaza killed more than 15,000 people (mostly children and women) and injured more than 36,000 others, while clashes in the West Bank killed more than 240 Palestinians and injured about 3,000 others.The number of displaced people in the Gaza Strip reached 1.8 million people out of a total of 2.4 million people living in Gaza, according to the United Nations.