The debt to the gross domestic product is about 21-22%. There will be no debt crisis, these are populist statements. This is what Venice Angova from PP-DB said about "Your Day".

"We started talks with the trade unions within the previous budget. And here it was seen very clearly that the main problem is not the availability of funds across the board, but the opening of scissors and inequalities in wages. More than $350 million is earmarked for wage growth. And they should walk specifically where there is the greatest need. It is right to start from the sectors where there are the largest disproportions, where the remuneration is unfair. And plus, there's an increase for the justice system of a billion. If it is willing to reduce its increase, we can offer it and take funds from there," she said.

According to her, inflation is falling and is expected to be 4.8%. It will not rise. This is very important to say clearly. The BNB is a conservative institution, it is normal to require additional buffers. Yes, it would really be nice ideally to have tens of billions standing just in case. But we do not have them at the moment, because they must be spent on politics and expediently. In 5 to 10 years, Bulgaria could have such a buffer and calmer finances," Angova said.

The National Assembly adopted at first reading Budget 2024, Assen Vassilev: With this budget we want Bulgaria to move forward in income, no state land will be sold

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