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New Delhi:

After the successful rescue of 41 laborers from the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand, the state's CM Pushkar Singh Dhami (CM Pushkar On Tunnel Rescue Operation) spoke to NDTV. He said that big tunnels have been built in the state in the past, but how this accident happened will be reviewed. Cm Dhami said that the workers were trapped in the tunnel on the morning of Diwali, since then every effort was being made to get them out.

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PM Modi closely monitored the rescue operation

Referring to the central government's cooperation, CM Dhami said that despite elections in five states, there was not a single day when PM Modi did not take stock of the rescue operation of the laborers. He kept a close eye on it. Only then was it possible. Cm Dhami said that the American Agar machine was called from Indore for drilling to take out the laborers, but after three days it also stopped working. He said that along with development, the safety of the people is also very important for us.

Security is also important along with development: CM Dhami

The Chief Minister said that the geographical condition of Uttarakhand is such that there is a need for development here, but along with development, security is equally important for us. The CM said that gas cutters, plasma cutters were all called to bring out the laborers trapped in the tunnel. But when this did not work out, the rat miners were called from Gorakhpur and Delhi Jal Board as per the requirement.

Earlier, people used to wait for relief material: CM Dhami

Cm Dhami said that he thought that it would take another 3 hours to rescue the laborers, but they were taken out after half an hour. All the workers walked out on their own without a stretcher. At the same time, CM Dhami, who attacked the previous governments, said that earlier in such accidents, people used to wait for Netaji's arrival. If Netaji comes and gives the green signal, relief material will start getting it. But that is not the case now.

Construction work being done in the state will be reviewed- CM Dhami

On the tunnel accident, the CM said that all such works being done in the state will be reviewed. Along with development, the safety of the people is equally important for us. He said that geographical development of the state is also necessary, because the construction of the tunnel will reduce the distance of 25-30 km, it is a big thing to reduce such distance on the mountains.

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