The Japanese agency "Kyodo" said that a US military plane "V-22 Osprey" fell into the sea near the Japanese province of Kagoshima, with eight people on board.In turn, the Japanese Coast Guard said that a military plane (V-22 Osprey) crashed in the ocean west of Japan on Wednesday with eight people on board.On the other hand, a spokesman for US forces in the region said they were still gathering information about the incident.Osprey V-22"... One of these U.S. aircraft crashed in August off the coast of northern Australia while transporting troops during a routine military exercise, killing three U.S. Marines.The aircraft with two helicopter blades that can fly, such as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, is operated by the U.S. Marines and Japan Self-Defense Forces.The deployment of the aircraft in Japan has sparked controversy, with critics saying the hybrid aircraft is vulnerable to the aircraft. for accidents, while Washington maintains that it is safe.