Fallen pieces of rocks and stones threaten travelers in the Kresna Gorge. The debris remained uncleaned for months at road banquets, our viewers signaled. At the beginning of the winter season we checked the condition of the banquets, nets and rays in the gorge.

Some of the metal nets that secure the massive rays in the Kresna Gorge are uncleaned or torn. Sharp stones threaten over the road, and in some places the banquet is covered with pieces of rock.

"They can have a flat tire if the truck is loaded, it can turn around in a sharp drive, anything can happen," Danail Ivanov told BNT.

Fallen stones hamper traffic on the road Velingrad-Yundola

The stones do not directly threaten travelers, but experts say uncleaned banquets are dangerous for traffic.

"The very fact that part of the road that needs to be used for emergency braking is blocked leads to traffic going elsewhere leads to the fact that in a situation where a car gets stuck, it cannot stop there once there is an uncleaned rock mass on the road," said Georgi Galabov, an expert at the Road Safety Institute.

If you slip as a result of wet asphalt, your car can end up in these sharp rocks.

The regional road administration in Blagoevgrad explained that the last cleaning of the roadside slopes in the gorge was in early summer. But they did not commit to a timeline in which to remove the fallen stones from the banquets.

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Fallen stones