Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasyl Zvarych visited the Dorohusk checkpoint on the border with Ukraine (from the Ukrainian side - Yahodyn, Volyn region), where Polish carriers blocked the movement of Ukrainian trucks.

The diplomat announced this on Facebook.

Is humanitarian aid allowed to cross the border?

Zvarych said that he saw how the Polish police took cars with fuel out of the general queue and escorted them to leave Poland. The Polish side assured him that humanitarian aid, military aid, and fuel were allowed to pass without delay.

How many kilometers did the queue stretch?

According to the ambassador, the queue in front of the checkpoint in Dorohusk has decreased by about 4 km over the past 10 days. Over the past day, 198 trucks have been allowed into the Ukraine. But there is still a 10 km long queue.

2 weeks in line

"The average waiting time for drivers to leave Poland in Ukraine is 2 weeks (drivers who have already come up in line to enter the Ukraine stood in line for 18 days). They do not complain about the lack of food and water, but of course they really want to get home as soon as possible. Weather conditions are difficult," Zvarych said.

He assured that we are working together with the involved ministries of Ukraine to ensure that traffic at the border is fully restored as soon as possible.

"I hope that the Polish authorities will be able to reach an understanding with the protesters, and drivers – both Ukrainian and Polish – will not be forced to continue to remain hostages of this protest," the diplomat said.

Queues at the border of Poland with Ukraine / Photo: Facebook / Vasyl Zvarych

As a reminder, on November 6, Polish carriers began to block the movement of trucks at the checkpoints "Krakivets-Korczova", "Yahodyn-Dorohusk" and "Rava-Ruska-Khrebene".

On November 26, it became known that there were cases of blocking humanitarian aid on the border with Poland.

On November 28, Polish Agriculture Minister Anna Gembicka offered a compromise to the protesters blocking the border with Ukraine.

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