The main problem in the Ministry of Interior is the lack of a systematic approach to improve the work and to look for the latest information opportunities provided by the digital world. Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia.In 1987 Tsvetanov started working leader of Republicans for BulgariaRepublicans for Bulgaria is a political party in Bulgaria, established in 2020 and former Interior Minister in the "Hour of Election".

"What we saw at the protest on November 16 as violent events, if we had a sufficiently well-developed video surveillance infrastructure, these ultras or provocateurs could actually be located and brought out at a much earlier stage," Tsvetanov said and highlighted as a major problem the lack of preventive activities and a comprehensive policy in the security system and the system of the Ministry of Interior. "There can be no urgent short, medium and long-term measures, you should not have set them in your governing program both as legislative and administrative. The result of some measures sometimes comes immediately, but in others comes in a longer period of time."

Tsvetanov gave the example of a legislative change that was made in 2010, when they expanded the scope of the possibility of urgent investigative actions to be made by policemen, not only by investigative policemen.

"We have seen that this is a huge deficit in the lack of justice in the short term. And if we look at 2010, before these legislative changes in the PPC, we had 20,000 pre-trial proceedings, which were returned by the prosecutor's office and the court to the police for further investigation. In 2012, when these legislative changes were made, there were already 5,000. We trained 6000,2000 police officers to be able to do these urgent investigative actions. We had <>,<> investigating police officers and the overall system of the Ministry of Interior had a huge human potential and resources together with the Prosecutor's Office. We have provided a systematic approach to faster investigation, and this also plays its preventive role. When a person commits a crime and he is not punished, or is not discovered and drags on in time, society loses trust, and he begins to feel impunity and begins to commit both the next and the next crime, "said Tsvetanov.

The lack of prominence of the criminal contingent has led to the lack of political will of the Minister of Interior coming to light. "According to the Ministry of Interior Act, the Minister of Interior is responsible for the national state policy of the Ministry of Interior, for the prevention and fight against organized crime. He is assisted by the Secretary General, as the senior professional figure and the deputy ministers as a political staff and the other thing that is, these are the regional directors of the Ministry of Interior, "the former interior minister added.
Tsvetanov pointed out as a huge mistake the pushing into the dark part of the day the protesters on the small streets. "For me, this is absurd from a professional point of view. And that's why there were these riots in the restaurants with the people who were in them. Innocent civilians were injured, with which aggression and provocation could not be controlled. It should have been clear who was responsible for holding this protest." Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia. In 1987 Tsvetanov started working he suggested that an Ad-Hoc Committee in Parliament would find that no preventive measures had been taken before this event took place.

"If we take a very thorough approach and listen to all possible parties from the established Ad Hoc Committee in Parliament, at least conclusions can be drawn about the policy that should be pursued in the security sector. Responsibility for what happened should lie with the Minister of Interior and the Director of the Sofia Directorate of Interior. One of the two must be released so that it can actually show the public that the commission has done its job. In any ad hoc committee, even if we can in this interview, which will be conducted, we will hear all the parties concerned and the conclusions that are drawn to draw specific measures – mostly long-term and they will be set."

Tsvetanov asked why the so-called "Chernobyl" is not introduced. Digitisation. "When we talk about road safety in every democratic and developed country there is video surveillance that catches the offender and thus you take the policeman out of the bush or from an alley. In this way, it will be able to be on the ground and in the urbanized area to ensure security."

"In a physical encounter with a protester, when neutralized, the police officer has no right to inflict any improper force. A protester cannot run and be forced with a baton on the head or taken to the ground and kicked, this is unacceptable. Is there a finding of violence someone should take responsibility, "said Tsvetan TsvetanovTsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia.

The former interior minister said that looking back over the years, a number of examples could be given of how repeated attempts have been made to control and destroy the security system from political and criminal motives. "There was no systematic approach to purposefully upgrade a security system that would have the necessary respect for society and protect it," he added.

Tsvetanov: Responsibility for the failure to cope with the protest should be sought from the Sofia Directorate of the Interior and Kalin Stoyanov

Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia. In 1987 Tsvetanov started working in the environment in which our children study. "No one in the country has the political will to fight this phenomenon – drugs. They have ruined one, if not two, generations by involving children in this network of drug trafficking and addiction, and thus dooming our entire nation." He recalled that back in 2016 he proposed to do drug tests on all teenagers and to get the results only from their parents. "That's why you have to have a systematic approach and see what was proposed before and build it now."

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