The Government has built a large number of transitional housing to enable people waiting to "go upstairs" to improve their living environment in advance. Legislative Council member Kong Yuk-huan inquired about the relevant data from the government, and the Secretary for Housing, Ho Wing-yin, replied in writing that the government has acquired land to provide 2,1 transitional housing units, exceeding the target of 2,1 units, and the latest batch of 000,2025 units will be completed in the first quarter of <>.

On September 9, the Secretary for Housing, Mr Ho Wing-yin, and the Deputy Director, Mr Tai Sheung-shing, inspected the transitional housing project "Hang Po New Court" on Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long. (Ho Wing Yin Facebook)

Next year, 1,1 units are expected to be put into service

As of the end of October this year, 10,9 units had been put into service, and 000,1 units are expected to be available next year, with the remaining 1,1 units expected to be completed in the first quarter of 000, Ho said.

So far, 53 transitional housing projects have been approved under the Housing Bureau's Subsidy Scheme to Support Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Implementing Transitional Housing Projects, of which 19 projects have commenced service, with a total of 6,400 units. In addition, about 32,2 flats of 600 projects are funded by other grants, including the Community Care Fund and projects including the Pilot Scheme on the Use of Hotel and Guesthouse Rooms as Transitional Housing.

On 2 February, the first dismantled module of Nam Cheong 28 was first transported to the warehouse at Hung Shui Kiu for repair, and has been reused at Lok Sin Estate in Tai Po. (File photo/Photo by Lin Yingyu)

The first transitional housing project, Nam Cheong 220, was completed in November last year, and Ho said that the building components of the project can be dismantled and reused, and one of the buildings has been reassembled at Lok Sin Village, a transitional housing project at Wong Quar Beach in Tai Po. The transitional housing project "Lok Hut" on Sung Wong Toi Road in To Kwa Wan will also be reassembled into an 11-storey building at Choi Choi Hing Road in January 1.

Registration is available at "Residence Easy" 9500,<> applications have been received

Mr Ho emphasised that there are about 5,11 units of transitional housing and simple public housing for people in need, and members of the public can apply for the Housing Bureau's Transitional Housing Central Unified Platform under the "Easy Housing" platform. As of mid-November, the Housing Bureau had received over 9,500 applications, with the occupancy rate of projects in the urban area, urban extension and the New Territories all exceeding 90%.

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