Last week, proposals for amendments to tax laws were voted at first reading in plenary, the UBB and BAZ said in a statement.

In them, at the last moment, a text appeared, the result of the inexplicable aggression of the Finance Minister towards restaurateurs, in which all companies operating in the tourism sector must work with NRA-approved SUPTO-software. That's right! What years ago, after huge scandals and as a result of protests, was removed as a commitment and burden for the entire business in Bulgaria, is now quietly trying to be accepted only for the restaurant industry.

Richard Alibegov: There was no meeting of the Ministry of Finance and the branch organizations, we want an analysis of the measures

The UPZ and BAZ strongly condemn the amendments and additions made concerning our industry. Among them are the already widely commented ideas for non-payment of a bill in case of non-issuance of a cash receipt, tip tax and payment of salaries to employees only by bank transfer. The arguments against them have been presented more than once and not only by our representatives, but also by countless economic and financial specialists. Nevertheless, and after all the criticism regarding the above proposals, Assen Vassilev's texts were not withdrawn - on the contrary - another insane proposal appeared.

Restaurants and hotels in Veliko Tarnovo are preparing for a strong tourist season

We use this opportunity to remind again that the member establishments in our organizations are announced and support any proposal that would lead to a complete lightening of the business in Bulgaria, as well as to the elimination of unfair competition. As we have said before, however, all innovations and changes, first of all, should be commented with the representatives of the sectors concerned. We believe that solutions are found through dialogue, not aggressive last-minute changes. Still, we believe that reason will prevail...

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