The leadership of the occupying Russian army has classified maps of minefields in Ukraine. That is why their own soldiers are often blown up by their mines.

This was announced during the marathon by the spokesman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andriy Kovalev.

"Maps of these minefields are classified, and information is transmitted to the assault units of the occupiers only in squares and without clear coordinates," he added.

According to Kovalev, the 810th Marine Brigade of the Russian Federation lost about 50 soldiers in a month due to being blown up by its own mines. It was one of the units of this brigade of the occupying forces that refused to comply with the order and storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the temporarily occupied Krynky, Kherson region.

"Russian terrorists motivated their refusal by the lack of coordination with artillery, bad weather conditions and lack of intelligence," said the representative of the General Staff.

Recall that during the day, November 28, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed more than 1100 occupiers. As of November 29, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed 327,580soldiers of the army of the Russian Federation.

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