The famous Ukrainian singer Anastasia Pridius, known under the pseudonym KOLA, got married.

The chosen one of the 31-year-old artist was a man named Vyacheslav, he comes from the Dnieper. However, as a child, he emigrated with his parents to Israel, where he and KOLA met.

According to the singer, their fateful meeting took place last summer during one of the charity events, where Nastya performed, and Vyacheslav was one of the organizers. The man is 13 years older than Pridius and has children from previous relationships.

As Nastya admitted in an interview with Masha Efrosinina, she never dreamed of marrying a foreigner and did not think about it. The lovers played their wedding in Prague with their loved ones.

"He knows a little Ukrainian. We communicate in different ways. He speaks Russian, I speak to him in Ukrainian. When he doesn't understand, I translate. He already speaks Ukrainian much better. I'm learning Hebrew. It was a condition: that I would learn Hebrew, and you would learn cool Ukrainian. So that our children know only these two languages and English. His children only know Hebrew and English," KOLA said.

KOLA with her husband

The singer shared that her lover proposed to her in Israel this year. At first, Nastya was stunned, she was confused by thoughts of where they would live, because she was a patriot of her country and did not plan to move anywhere:

"He professed this year when we were in Israel... You just open this box, and he says, "Won't you be my wife?" and we talked for 5 minutes what to do. I am Ukrainian, a patriot, I will not leave the country. Is he ready to move? What happens when the baby is born? He's standing in aher, he says, we'll come up with something. And 5 minutes later, his friend comes up with a bouquet of roses... Well, then I said yes, and we went to dinner," the singer shared.

KOLA showed off her engagement ring

It should be noted that in July 2022, it became known that KOLA and her lover, who is currently serving on the front line, broke up. It was to him that the artist dedicated the lyrical tracks "Are We Together" and "Near the Heart".