The main New Year's fir of Ukraine has not even had time to install on Sofia Square in Kyiv, and it has already become a reason for desperate quarrels on social networks.

Some Ukrainians say that they are against the celebration of the New Year holidays, when there is a war going on in the country, people are dying and money is needed to purchase everything necessary for the military.

Also, a large part of Ukrainians are in favor of installing a Christmas tree, because despite the war, children need a sense of celebration and Christmas mood, albeit under the wail of sirens.

The website found out what the main Christmas tree of the country will be and how much it really costs.

Christmas tree during the war

For almost ten years, Folk Ukraine has been organizing New Year's holidays in Kyiv on Sofia Square. In peacetime, they surprised Kyiv residents and guests of the city with luxurious thirty-meter Christmas trees with bright illumination and toys. But, as they say, it's gone.

In December 2022, for the New Year and Christmas holidays, an artificial 12-meter Christmas tree of invincibility with a trident on the top of its head was placed on Sofia Square, it was decorated with white doves and illuminated by a generator. The city did not spend a single penny of budget funds on this Christmas tree – all at the expense of the patron.

This was the Christmas tree of invincibility in Kyiv last year / photo by the Kyiv City State Administration

This year, the city authorities also allowed the installation of the country's main Christmas tree (there will be no mass events or fast food), but social networks made a real fuss about the cost of the Christmas tree. For some reason, people decided that the Christmas tree would cost a lot of money, as in pre-war times. They demand to abandon the celebration and transfer the money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We are ready to rent a Christmas tree for free

The organizers of the New Year holidays say that they are surprised by such a reaction of people, they would gladly give money for the Christmas tree to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the city does not pay them anything for its installation. We are talking about a Christmas tree that no longer needs to be bought, but only assembled from what is in the warehouse of its owner.

"We have been organizing New Year's holidays in the capital for 10 years - this is our core activity. So we don't buy anything to decorate the Christmas tree, we take everything from our own warehouses and install it for Kyiv residents for free. It's kind of like a baker sharing bread with people. It does not cost the city budget of Kyiv a penny. We have enough New Year's decoration - garlands and toys for all regional centers of Ukraine. I can rent it out to those who wish for zero kopecks. Please come, we give you all this for free, decorate your Christmas tree, and return it after the holidays. You only have to pay for transportation costs," Igor Dobrutsky, president of Folk Ukraine, organizer of the New Year's holiday on Sofia Square, told

He is convinced that the Christmas skiff should unite, not divide people. As Ihor Dobrutsky notes: without culture, there is no nation, and without traditions, there is no country.

This is how the main Christmas tree in Kyiv was decorated last year / photo

Those who wish can sell the Christmas tree at auction

For the most ardent opponents of the Christmas tree, Igor Dobrutsky offers the following:

"I can rewrite the Christmas tree that we have to install in Kyiv on haters, because it is private property – try to sell it at auction. For example, three lots: a Christmas tree without toys, a Christmas tree with toys and a photo zone. Please try to sell it for at least 100 million and transfer the proceeds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I will not have any complaints against you, go down in history at least like this," Ihor Dobrutsky suggests.

Those who wish can sell the Christmas tree at an auction and earn money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine / collage

What will be the main Christmas tree of Ukraine

While passions are raging around the main Christmas tree of the country, its opening is scheduled for December 6 - St. Nicholas Day.

The website found out that this year's Christmas tree will be the same in height as last year – 12 meters.

From our own sources, we learned that the main Christmas tree will be dressed up in two mixed primary colors – white and green. It is not yet known to whom this year's Christmas tree and its main theme will be dedicated. They also keep a secret about what the New Year's toys will be on it.

One of last year's versions of the Christmas tree in Kyiv

Change the installation location

Interestingly, this year the main Christmas tree will change its location on Sofia Square.

Last year, it was installed near the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, and now it will be mounted closer to the walls of the National Conservation Area "St. Sophia of Kyiv" and installed opposite the flagpole, where it is easier to connect the Christmas tree to the generator, from which the New Year's lights will burn.

New Year's toys that decorated the main Christmas tree of Ukraine last year / photo

Support zone for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Near the main Christmas tree of the country on Sofia Square, it is planned to install a photo zone, where there will be several small Christmas trees with a large number of toys on the branches.

Near the Christmas tree on Sofia Square, it will be possible to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine with donations in exchange for a New Year's toy / collage

"Everyone will be able to remove a toy from a branch and keep it as a keepsake, but before that, they must donate funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everything will be democratic, as they say, on the conscience of our guests: one donation – one toy. Near small Christmas trees, we will place QR codes with the accounts of volunteers and charitable foundations that raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. People will be able to choose any of them and transfer funds directly to the square. Every morning we . In this way, we will be able to help our soldiers more than argue on social networks," the organizers of the New Year holidays told

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