The news agency quoted "Saraya", urgent news broadcast by the Israeli Channel 12, in which it reported that "the sixth batch of Israeli prisoners includes 5 children and 7 women, and confirmed that the Red Cross has already received the Israeli prisoners." 30 Palestinian civilians, including 15 minors and 15 women, in exchange for the release of 10 Israeli detainees in Gaza," the statement added that "the list of those released from Gaza includes a minor and 9 women, including an Austrian, a Filipina and two from Argentina."It is noteworthy that the Israeli army had announced, earlier, that the Red Cross informed it that 12 detainees, including 10 Israelis and two foreigners, were on their way to Israel, coming from Egyptian territory.The extradition comes within the framework of the release of Israeli detainees. The truce between Israel and Hamas was supposed to end last Monday night, but it was agreed to extend it for two more days, to end on Wednesday night.The temporary truce provides for a ceasefire between the two sides, the exchange of Palestinian prisoners and hostages held by Hamas, and allowing the entry of more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.