The Secretary for Housing, Ho Wing-yin, said at the Legislative Council today (29th) that the Working Group is tentatively inclined to consider building safety, fire protection, hygiene requirements, living area, etc. However, Ho reiterated that the issue of subdivided units involves a basket of factors and also has its social function, stressing that "it is very important to do it appropriately", reiterating that the Government will carefully arrange the timing of law enforcement and the priority of banning substandard subdivided units, and bluntly said that the Government will take drastic measures at the appropriate time.

In addition to the exchange session in the front chamber of the Legislative Council today, the issue of subdivided units was touched upon, and DAB member Cheng Wing-shun also raised an oral question, asking the Government to explain the timetable for banning substandard subdivided units.

Mr Ho said that the Government had identified sufficient land to meet the housing supply in the next 10 years, and the Working Group on Solving the Subdivided Unit Problem had just begun its work and needed to discuss with different stakeholders the options for banning substandard subdivided units.

Ho Wing-yin: The Government has found sufficient land to build houses

Ho reiterated that the problem of subdivided units (SDUs) is a concern for tens of thousands of families, and the Government should make a thorough and thorough plan, stressing that the Government's general principle is not to displace households, and that when the work of resolving subdivided units commences, the Government will have a reasonable time for SDU owners to rectify subdivided units that do not meet the relevant standards, and to discuss with tenants the arrangements for a comfortable move-out, reiterating that the work of banning substandard subdivided units should be carefully scheduled for the timing and priority of law enforcement, "The Government has sufficient land to supply 41,<> public housing units to meet the housing demand in the next <> years. At that time, the Government may consider drastic measures to ban unsuitable subdivided units".


As for the setting of the SDU Minimum Standards, she pointed out that the Working Group is tentatively inclined to consider factors such as building safety, fire safety, hygiene requirements, living area, etc., and that there are discussions in the community involving SDU facilities and floor heights, stressing that the Working Group is open to projects with SDU minimum standards. Ho reiterated that the Government should consider a basket of factors when banning unsuitable subdivided units, and that it is very important to have a certain social function in subdivided units, and pointed out that the problem of subdivided units is complex, and reiterated that the Government is determined to solve the problem, "When the supply of housing is sufficient, the Government will have the opportunity and confidence to ban subdivided units of inferior quality."

The Government obtains the information of subdivided unit households through the declaration of property owners

Ho Wing-yin pointed out that landlords are required to submit a notice of tenancy to the RVD in Form AR60 within 2 days after the commencement of the tenancy period of the "regulated tenancy", including the first tenancy and the second tenancy, and she pointed out that 97.7% of the subdivided units are subdivided rooms, and the remaining 2.3% are slab rooms, roof houses, podium houses, beds and space warehouses.

However, Cheng Wing-shun pointed out that there are currently 11,2 subdivided unit households in Hong Kong, and only more than 3,8 lease notices have been received, and 28,26 subdivided unit households are not protected. Ho Wing-yin said that the relevant work must be persistent, revealing that there are currently 588 prosecutions, 71 cases awaiting hearing, and <> cases of <> investigations, in which the Department of Justice has been consulted.

It is believed that after the Government's action to ban substandard subdivided units, tenants will have to move out, and landlords will take the opportunity to increase rents after renovation, fearing that tenants will be displaced because they cannot afford the new rent, and ask the Government how the tenants will resettle the tenants.

Ho reiterated that he was very concerned about the timetable for the banning of substandard subdivided units and the supply of public housing, stressing that priority should be taken into account, and the pace of the two should be coordinated, reminding one not to be in a hurry.

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