On the northern border of Ukraine, the military records eight to ten attempts to infiltrate sabotage and reconnaissance groups from the territory of Russia every month. Sabotage and reconnaissance groups operate under the cover of artillery.

This was told to Radio Svoboda by the spokesman of the Joint Press Center of the Defense Forces of the Northern Direction, Yurii Povkh.

"In recent months, this figure has fluctuated between 8 and 10 attempts per month. The main efforts of the enemy are focused on the border of Ukraine with Russia. These are the territorial boundaries of Sumy and Chernihiv regions. As for possible attempts to break through sabotage and reconnaissance groups, first of all, we record such attempts under the cover of artillery fire. And usually sabotage and reconnaissance groups fail to cross the state border," the spokesman said.

Yuriy Povkh also added that in winter, the activities of sabotage and reconnaissance groups are complicated due to weather conditions. In particular, attempts to cross the border are easy to recognize thanks to footprints in the snow.

"According to the laws of the art of war, the winter period is the most difficult for warfare. Therefore, those who are hunters will understand that these are not very favorable conditions for sabotage and reconnaissance groups. It is difficult to camouflage them, move around the territory, and attempts to cross the state border can be determined by the traces. Therefore, the winter period adds difficulties to all combatants," the spokesman said.

Despite the bad weather, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to guard the border.

"We should not be relaxed by the onset of winter cold. Troops, both in summer and winter, are always on standby. Because everyone understands that our enemy is probably the worst on this Earth. He is insidious and will use any opportunity to harm Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces," the spokesman for the North Operational Command summed up.

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