Ukraine's air force said Russia attacked Ukraine with 21 drones and three cruise missiles, but all the drones and two of the missiles were destroyed before they reached their targets.

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According to the report, Iranian-made Shahed drones were aimed at the western Khmelnytsky region. The Ukrainian Air Force did not specify who was the target of the attack, but there is a large air base in the area, noting that it could not confirm the information through an independent source.

The missiles were shot down over the Nikolaev region, and the drones were intercepted over seven other regions throughout the country. There was no evidence of damage from the debris.

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Earlier today, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet fired four cruise missiles at Ukrainian military infrastructure, but it was not clear from the statement of the ministry where the attack took place. Reuters notes that Moscow often circulates such statements belatedly.

The Ukrainian navy, for its part, said the three Russian missiles were fired from the Kherson region, which has an outlet on the Black Sea, and part of it is under Russian control.

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