The office is always reminiscent of a planned and fixed workspace, but have you ever thought that the office can also become more flexible and flexible? Ricoh's recent implementation of the hybrid workplace combines flexible, intelligent and efficient elements to provide a better working environment for employees.

Recognising that a good workspace is inextricably linked to employee performance, Ricoh has revolutionised the work environment and started with the space aspect. Ricoh created a new smart workspace that saves 30 percent of space compared to a traditional office, and more than 60 percent of fixed work areas are converted into shared spaces, allowing employees to switch meeting settings as needed, making the collaboration space multi-purpose.

Ricoh's new smart workspace converts more than 60% of fixed work areas into shared spaces

Ricoh Hybrid Workshop

Mr. Chong Lai Kee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Hong Kong, pointed out that Ricoh wanted to make the office design more user-friendly, so the hybrid workplace can increase the company's shared space, allow more interaction and communication between employees, and also consider the work-life balance, Ricoh Hybrid Workplace is also equipped with different recreational facilities to allow employees to work and create better value for customers.


With the technological innovation, Ricoh employees only need "one machine at hand" to meet most of their work needs. Through Ricoh's Staff App, employees can keep track of their office usage status and book workspaces anytime, anywhere, such as in smart conference pods, large meeting rooms, etc., while the new facilities in the new hybrid workplace include a range of smart devices, such as lighting, curtain control, air purifier control, voice system and even video conferencing settings.

Ricoh employees only need to use Ricoh's Staff App to meet most of their work needs

Through the Staff App, you can control a series of smart devices in the workplace

The Staff App can also redeem points for snacks and drinks

In addition to the intelligent Staff App, Ricoh also uses two smart dashboards, namely IoT Dashboard and ESG Dashboard. The IoT Dashboard provides real-time insight into the entire office space usage, with red for in-use and green for vacant, and real-time office space usage data, so that the company can better plan and design office space in the future. As for the ESG Dashboard, you can understand the company's energy consumption, such as electricity consumption, and even the real-time usage and drainage status of toilets, so that various departments can make corresponding adjustments according to the situation.

IoT Dashboard

ESG Dashboard

Ricoh, who values innovation, has added a "Future Lab" space in the hybrid studio, which is more relaxed than the conference room, allowing everyone to come up with their own ideas, and there are also various solution devices in the room for Ricoh's customers to refer to and experience for themselves.

Future Lab

Future Lab is a light-hearted design that thrills employees' heads

Employees can come up with their big ideas in the Future Lab

Ricoh customers can experience the various Solution devices first-hand at the Future Lab

Ricoh organised a Blended Work Guided Tour to learn more about the development and application of Smart Workplace, if you are interested in learning more about Hybrid Workplace, you can register through the following link:

The hybrid workspace has lots of space for collaboration

The Ricoh Hybrid Workshop is in a beautiful setting

A different kind of collaboration space

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