According to the committee, the Russian state space corporation "Roscosmos" and the Chinese National Space Administration will study the moon and establish the lunar station, and the project can be joined by other international partners, and the project will be implemented in 3 phases.The project is expected to be completed by 2035, and between 2023 and 2030, technologies for transporting payload to the moon will be tested, and China is expected to transport to the south pole of the moon "Heavy rover" will look for a landing site for the station's components on The two sides agreed not to impose customs taxes on the goods to be transported in order to facilitate the implementation of the agreement as well as to contribute to the realization of industrial activity.Later, Roscosmos informed its partners to extend Russia's participation in the International Space Station project, until 2028, and then Borisov stated that "the International Space Station will cease to exist in its current form, after 2030." "2027 is the launch date of the first unit of the new station, and its construction is scheduled to be completed in orbit, in 2032."