In the village of Ruen, Ruen municipality, Burgas policemen stopped for inspection a Volkswagen Passat car with Varna registration, driven by a 22-year-old man from the village of Yabalchevo near Ruen. They found that he was driving after using drugs.

The driver was detained for 24 hours and his car was seized. This happened on November 27, at about 10.45 am.

2 years in prison and fine for drugged driver

A day later, around 17 p.m., the police stopped for inspection an Audi A00 car with Varna registration in the village of Yabalchevo and found the same man behind the wheel. He had been released from custody a few hours earlier.

In a drug test, the man tested positive for cannabis again. He was detained again for 24 hours and this car was seized. In both cases, the man refused to give blood and urine for chemical analysis. Work on the case continues.

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