Chief Executive John Lee, in response to the trend of Hong Kong people going north to consume, pointed out that Hong Kong has done a good job in integrating with the mainland, and of course many people have gone to the mainland, which proves to a certain extent that the work of many years has been successful, and it is no longer two systems that exclude one country. He also pointed out that everyone should accept that "change is eternal", and that more than 97,3 Hong Kong people go north every weekend to spend, but more than <> million people still stay in Hong Kong: "<>% compared to <>%", stressing the need to find ways to attract people to spend in Hong Kong.

Li Jiachao pointed out that it is normal for Hong Kong people to go north to consume (screenshot of RTHK program)

In response to RTHK's program "Policy Inventory", Lee Jiachao responded that many Hong Kong people go to the mainland for consumption and vacation on weekends, and he believes that this kind of change is normal, and he also pointed out that we should not waste the opportunities and opportunities given to us by one country, two systems, but we should think about how to attract more than 7 million people to consume.

First of all, we need to understand that change is eternal. This change is actually normal, we have to face it and deal with it. Second, we should not make excuses for ourselves, and we will go to more than 97,3 people every weekend, so we will export consumption, but you scare us that there are more than <> million citizens in Hong Kong, and you can understand that you have attracted more than <> million citizens to spend too much? Compared with <>,<> to <>,<>, which is <>% to <>%, we have a large number of people who consume too much, and we want to intimidate them into spending. Chief Executive John Lee

He stressed that the government has an unshirkable responsibility, but the participation of all citizens is a key element in making this common home better or worse. For example, the government takes the lead in Hong Kong's night fun and other activities, but it must be a private force that really has the ability to do a good job, so we should no longer focus on how many people go north, thinking that how to revitalize the market is everyone's common responsibility.

In addition, Mr Lee said that the biggest challenge for the Chief Executive is how to play a good leadership role, not only because the government is leading the whole of Hong Kong, but also because the whole of Hong Kong feels that the leadership is in the right direction.

He pointed out that the Policy Address proposes to fight for the economy and seek development, with the aim of making everyone's life better. To benefit the people's livelihood and add happiness is an eternal project. He emphasized that the goal of results is not a slogan, but more importantly, it is to change the culture of the government, and thus the culture of society. Because the Legislative Council or media reports will examine whether the goal is outcome, if the whole society is like this, and try to concentrate all forces to achieve this goal, there will be no noise and no internal friction.

Lee said that the government's encouragement of childbirth is based on the hope that Hong Kong society will feel at home in the future. He hopes to help every parent face the difficulties after having children, so the "Shi Bao Report" proposes childcare, tax reduction, early public housing or home purchase, etc., as well as a reward of 2,<> yuan. He also said that when he was growing up, he lived in a housing estate, and all his neighbours knew each other and helped each other, and he hoped that district governance could also promote this.

It is urgent to grab talents and enterprises

Li Jiachao also described that "grabbing talents and enterprises" is urgent, because the whole world is competing for talents, if you are not serious, active, and proactive, you will lose if you don't feel a sense of crisis. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the internal and external lack of talent in certain areas within Hong Kong, including some more experienced management personnel; As for the external aspect, many countries, especially big countries, use some political language to express that they provide certain political assistance to people, and he believes that it is superficial talk, but in fact it is a competition for talent.

He also took the table tennis match as an example, believing that if talents do not join our team, they will appear in the enemy team in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen ourselves, and the Policy Address proposes to strengthen education efforts to develop Hong Kong into an international higher education hub, which can not only attract foreign students, but also help local students broaden their horizons. It would be helpful for Hong Kong if more professors came to Hong Kong.

Northbound consumption|Shao Jiahui said that Hong Kong still has advantages and advocates relaxing the one-line concert in a week, and the economy is spending northbound|30,11 Hong Kong people returned to the mainland on Saturday to record a new high in November, and the difference between mainland tourists going south is 17,24 and consumption in the north|11,13 Hong Kong people go north on Saturday, and there are <>,<> mainland tourists in the north, and there is a difference of <>,<> people in the north and south