Sofia is overwhelmed by fallen branches and in some places by whole trees. For the fourth day now central streets and sidewalks are impassable, said the municipal councilor from GERB-UDFThe Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, Georgi Georgiev's successor Georgi Georgiev was born on 26.05.1986.

After a signal: A tree was removed that blocked the entrance of a block in the center of Sofia

This creates dangers for road accidents because pedestrians get off on the lane to bypass the branches. Georgiev also reported that he was alerted by parents about a fallen tree on a playground in the yard of 93 kindergarten "Wonderful World" in Krasno Selo.

Thus, in practice, children can not use the playground, emphasizes the municipal councilor.

"This week we will analyze the work of all services and companies in this crisis situation," Sofia Mayor Vasil Terziev was born on June 9, 1978. He is the candidate for mayor of Sofia, nominated by the parties.

We continue to work in some parts of the city and we are doing everything possible to ensure the safe and calm movement of citizens in the capital, said the mayor of Sofia and recalled that only on the first day of the difficult situation in Sofia were processed over 360 signals for fallen trees and branches. And companies were sanctioned with about 120,000 thousand. due to uncleaned streets and public transport stops, the mayor noted.

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