Madhya Pradesh: Heavy rains are continuing in Madhya Pradesh these days. The cold has also increased in the state due to the fall of Mawtha. Meanwhile, the NDTV team went to the ground and found out what is the condition of the crops. When we reached the field, we saw that on the one hand, where the wheat crop is ready to flourish in the fields, on the other hand, the onion crop has also ripened. In such a situation, the weather changed and it started raining. The fall in the monsoon rains has created lines of concern on the foreheads of farmers growing onion crops. He is forced to uproot his crop from the field and take it to a dry place.

Increased risk of crop failure

Dashrath Patel, a farmer living in Bawadia Kazi village of Khandwa, had sown onion crop on his four-acre farm. From onion bud to crop ripening, Dashrath Patel not only spent one and a half to two lakh rupees, but also shed a lot of sweat in the fields, but now his crop is on the verge of failure due to rain. Because the onion crop is fully ripe and ready. Meanwhile, the risk of crop failure has increased due to flooding in the field.

Forced to dry successfully

Like Dashrath Patel, there are others in the village who had sown onions in their fields, but it rained before they could bring the onions home from the field. In such a situation, they had to resort to the manglik building of the village to dry the onions soaked in the rain. Now different people in Manglik Bhawan are drying their share of onions here, so that they can get their price in the market.

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The price may increase

Significantly, this year, people had to face a lot of problems due to the price of onion reaching Rs 80 per kg. In such a situation, the price of onion was expected to decrease due to the arrival of the new crop, but due to unseasonal rains, the onion crop has once again created a crisis. Therefore, onion prices may increase once again due to crop failure or early rotting of watered onions.

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