In this era of science, India has stepped on the moon, but even today, in the name of keeping their unique tradition, the villagers put the pieces of their liver in the cradle and leave it in the flowing water of the river. This tradition takes place every year in the Purna Mai temple of Betul (Betel) in Madhya Pradesh. According to Pandit Hariram Dadore of the temple, every year about 1000 children are left in the cradle here.

The tradition is performed on the adoption of childless children.

A 15-day fair is being held on the Purna river of Bhainsdehi from Kartik Purnima. It is believed that couples who do not have children. They come here and ask for mannat. After having children, they leave the child in the flowing stream of the river and perform this unique tradition. Devotees from not only Madhya Pradesh but also from the neighboring state of Maharashtra arrive in this fair held on the banks of purna river. They go along with bhagats and bhumka (local priests) to wish for the child. Whenever there is a child, devotees come and worship first. After this, Bhagat (local priest) puts these children in a wooden cradle in the courtyard of Mother Purna and leaves them in the flowing river for some time.

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Devotees also arrive from neighboring states

According to the villagers, this tradition is many years old. More than 500 children are released into the Purna river on Kartik Purnima and the two days that follow, but till date there have been no accidents. Apart from Madhya Pradesh, devotees from Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh), Maharashtra (Maharashtra), Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) come here. Poorna Mai fulfills all their wishes.

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