Schoolchildren will also be registered at the territorial recruitment center.

What is this rule and should mothers already start worrying, says Victoria Hnatyuk's exclusive TSN. UA.

Are you 17 and a high school student? It would seem that the army is still far away, but no. Boys from the age of 17 will be registered in territorial recruitment centers. Schools and universities will be required to transfer data on pupils and students to the CCC and SP. Since then, these guys have become so-called pre-conscripts. And now we will figure out who they are.

So, pre-conscripts are persons who are subject to registration at recruiting stations. And in fact, all this is not a novelty, but few people understood what was what. So, by the way, everything is within the framework of Ukrainian legislation, because such a rule of military registration is indeed approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1487 and spelled out in the Law of Ukraine No. 3597. Changes were made to it in 2005. Therefore, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service", every year during January-March, the process of registering citizens to conscription stations continues. What is a citizens' registration?

What the law says about it: "Enlistment of male citizens of Ukraine to conscription stations is carried out in order to register them for military service, determine the available conscription resources, the degree of suitability for military service, establish the educational level, the acquired specialty or profession, the level of physical fitness, and the study of personal qualities."

Who is not affected?

And in order to check all this, conscription stations are formed in every district and city, and every year during January-March, pre-conscripts who turn 17 in the year of registration are assigned to them.

At the same time, there are those who are not affected, for example, citizens of Ukraine who are serving sentences behind bars or who are forcibly treated in medical institutions.

Who will be 100% registered?

Everyone else must appear before the commissars after receiving a notification of appearance for registration, the document also indicates the specific time frame in which the guy must come to the recruiting station. By the way, the so-called summons can be served by both military commissariats, and it can be brought home, and transferred through housing maintenance organizations, other organizations or enterprises and institutions that operate buildings, homeowners, relevant council bodies, personnel departments of enterprises, institutions, organizations and educational institutions, regardless of subordination and ownership.

If the guy does not arrive at the station within the specified time, he must explain why, but valid reasons for non-arrival are, as it is written in the law, an obstacle of a natural nature, if you are seriously ill, as well as the death or serious illness of a close relative.

At the same time, these reasons will need to be documented. But if you did not show up and did not explain your absence, you may already be summoned to the police and even put on the wanted list.

Attribution process

And now we will tell you how this whole process of registration of 17-year-old boys takes place. When you come to the military commissariat, you are met by a duty officer who will take you to the recruiting station and explain the rules of conduct there. Next, each pre-conscript will be personally interviewed, checked for all the necessary documents and the completeness of filling in the data of the registration card and personal file.

All documents are filed in the personal file, where the pre-conscript registration card is also kept. Next, a mandatory medical examination is carried out to determine the suitability or, conversely, unsuitability of the boy for military service. You will have to undergo X-rays and laboratory tests, and if you have additional illnesses, other types of medical examinations.

What will change in the boys' lives?

And now the most interesting thing, what will change in the guy's life after the registration. So: to arrive at the call of the district or city military commissariat for registration of military registration documents, registration, medical examination, referral for training in order to obtain or improve a military specialty, conscription for military service or for a meeting of persons liable for military service, undergo medical examination and treatment in medical and preventive institutions in accordance with the decisions of the commission on registration, conscription commission or military medical commission, undergo training for military service, military service and perform military duty in reserve, comply with the rules of military registration established by law.

Military registration in Ukraine: important news for schoolchildren! When should I go to the CCC?

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, 17-year-old boys are sometimes not allowed to go abroad.

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