Snow and ice are about to stiffen some parts of the UK. The Health Security Agency has warned the public about a real health risk.

The Met Office said the cold wave affected northern and eastern Scotland, the Shetland Islands and Orkney, north-east England and East Yorkshire. Temperatures in these places can drop to minus 6 degrees. It is expected to accumulate snow on the higher parts. Snow waves could even affect London and southeast England later this week, the forecast said. However, meteorologists believe that the fallen snow, as is often the case at this time of year in London and the southern parts of the country, will not hold. In mixed rainfall and snow and the fall of temperatures below zero, serious fields and frosts are usually formed in large areas.

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Yellow and orange codes for snow and fields have been announced until Thursday in many places in Scotland and north-east England. The cold air comes from Scandinavia, where record low temperatures were measured for November. Expectations are that the cold weather will remain until December 5.

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