Vanya Kostadinova, mother-in-law of the mayor of Tsalapitsa Ivaylo Danailov, is in hospital with fractures and bruises after a beating. The woman is under stress from the experience, blaming the father of the mayor Danail Danailov for the injuries caused to her.

Kostadinova says that 2 days ago she went to ask for assistance in solving a problem in the young mayoral family, but did not meet understanding from her match.

"Throw me down the stairs. They are a few steps. He's pushing me... Such was the pain in the shoulder that I only prayed for them to stop. And his wife said all the time that I was an artist and I pretended to be in pain. He's a 2-foot-tall man. He grabbed me, picked me up and threw me. In the end, I felt like I was losing consciousness. I was just begging for it to stop," the mayor's mother-in-law said.

Another drama in Tsalapitsa! Mayor's wife catches him in stride, mother-in-law is in hospital after beating at in-laws

The victim's brother finds her helpless on the street in front of the Danailov family's house and accompanies her to the emergency room.

Despite the pain, the mother-in-law finds the strength to defend the good name of her son-in-law: "He has done a lot for the village during these years. He has big ambitions. He wants the village to really blossom, he makes feasts."

The mayor of Tsalapitsa first declined to comment and then admitted that he was not present at the scandal. The mayor's father also refused to stand in front of the camera. In a telephone conversation, he said: "If someone comes to you and raises scandals in the evening, uninvited, at 20 p.m. up... I just wanted to push her away. I didn't want anyone to hit. She stumbled down the stairs."

The District Prosecutor's Office in Plovdiv announced that an investigation is underway and it is yet to be determined whether the victim was beaten, tripped or pushed to the ground.

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