22% of Bulgarian consumers plan to spend less on gifts.

"This is due to a number of factors - inflation, but also the increasing volume of online trading, the funds that people invest very easily from their computer or phone. This reduces the amount of money they would spend in physical retail outlets, "commented the manager of the payment platform Ivan Petrov in the studio of "Bulgaria morning".

According to him, over 20% of people say that they intend to take advantage of the opportunity for seasonal offers - they are available both in physical stores and online. 20% of respondents say they will not reduce their budget for the holidays because they have managed to save more during the year. People who will cut their budget are over 80%.

"They continue to shop from a variety of merchants, both online and physical, so they use many different payment instruments. It is important for merchants to offer alternative payment options," Petrov said on Bulgaria ON AIR.

"If you happen to have no cash and go somewhere where they do not offer a POS terminal, you will not be able to buy anything. When shopping online, there are a lot of alternatives," he said.

According to him, cash continues to be the most preferred method not only in Bulgaria but also globally as a percentage of transactions that take place. Digital wallets, debit and credit cards are among the most commonly used means of payment.

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