It is not important how many cars have been taken away, but how many cases there are. There is no difference between last year and this year. This means that the measure either does not work, or such are the people. This commented adv. Hristo Botev on the air of BNT.

According to him, other measures should be taken towards the captured drunk and drugged drivers, not only confiscation of a car.

Pay attention to what kind of cars they happen to. I don't know of any other country with such expensive cars on the street. I will recall the case of Ferrari Spasov - there we do not even have a drunk or drugged driver, and there is insane driving of a young driver. We need to know where the funds for these expensive cars come from, noted Atty. Botev.

78 confiscated cars is exactly 1%. This is nothing and can not stop drivers who have used alcohol and drugs, said the former head of the traffic police Tencho Tenev.

Confiscated Drunk Drivers' Cars: Offenders Can Also Participate in Auctions

With the conicus of cars we do not find hot water. A number of European countries have done so well before us. Well, Denmark has passed a law if you exceed the speed of the highway immediately you confiscate your car. In Austria, too, such measures have been taken to confiscate car in the best way, Tenev added.

According to him, the traffic police have very small personnel and little technical support like cars. "Colleagues on the night shift are waiting for the day colleagues to pick up the cars and get out. Nothing prevents the Minister of Interior from allocating 50-60 people and bringing them into the Traffic Police in Sofia. There are no police officers on the road to control the traffic. Most of them are mainly dealing with road accidents, "commented Tencho Tenev.

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