Photo: Reuters.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed today that his country will resume the military campaign to eradicate Hamas if necessary. "There's no scenario where we don't keep fighting until the end. This is my policy," Netanyahu said in a video statement. He assured that he has the support of the entire security cabinet and the government, the soldiers and the Israeli people.

Netanyahu set three goals from the start of the war: to eliminate Hamas, take back all hostages, and ensure that Gaza will never again be a threat to the State of Israel. These three goals are still in place, he emphasized.

The prime minister stressed that "a breakthrough" had been made in the past week, referring to the release of some of the approximately 240 hostages kidnapped by Hamas militants in their Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel.

The current truce is scheduled to end on Thursday, so intense discussions are underway to secure a second extension of the ceasefire. This would allow for the release of more hostages and the delivery of more humanitarian aid to Gaza.

(With information from Xinhua)