Speaking to the UN Security Council, Israel rejected calls for a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

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War between Israel and Hamas 1147

"Anyone who supports a ceasefire is essentially in favor of Hamas' continued management of terror in Gaza," Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Gilad Erdan told the UN's most powerful body in New York. Israel could not protect its citizens with a ceasefire, he added.

A ceasefire cannot be demanded and at the same time claimed that a solution to the conflict is being sought, Erdan said, noting that the militarized Hamas group is not a partner for a credible peace.

Israeli Armed Forces: Hamas is responsible for the health and life of abductees

Hamas has publicly stated - you have all seen it - that it will repeat October 7 again and again until Israel disappears. How would you respond and protect your citizens from such a clear threat of a ceasefire?"

Erdan said the violence could only end if Hamas handed over all the group's hostages and all the militants involved in the Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

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