If you focus on hygienic standards, then each person needs five separate towels: for the face, for the feet, for the hands, for intimate hygiene and for the body.

How many times a week should you wash towels

Regardless of individual preferences, it is important to remember one important nuance: personal hygiene items are cared for in the same way as your own body. After all, the health of the body depends on them. And washing towels plays one of the most important roles in this.

How many times a week you need to wash towels depends on several factors:

Each person can determine for himself that it is time to wash the towel. If the thing looks untidy, has lost its freshness, is no longer so lush and soft, it's time to send it to the washing machine.

However, even if you think you can still use the towel for a few days, think about how long it has been hanging in the bathroom. Bacteria that accumulate on the surface and inside the fibers are invisible to the eye. Especially if the room is humid and they do not dry out completely.

How often to change a towel for body, face, hair

How Often To Change Towels For Body, Face, Hair / Photo: Pexels

First, you need to understand how many years you can use a towel? Experts advise changing the towel every three years. The fact is that from frequent washing, the fabric is damaged, begins to dry worse, so microorganisms multiply faster inside.

There are standard norms for changing towels that can be adapted to your needs:

Experts say about towels for the kitchen and dishes that they need to be changed daily or at least once every 2 days. It is important that everything that comes into contact with food or cooking utensils is as clean as possible.

While these rules may seem too strict to some, they are key to the health of the whole family.