The European Commission has previously approved Greece's request to allocate EUR 3.64 billion for the construction of a new gas pipeline. the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, the Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported.

Of the total amount, EUR 1.69 billion will be allocated to EUR 1.95 billion. €<>.<> billion will be grants and €<>.<> billion. Euro – loans, the newspaper points out.

In May, Greece submitted a request to the Commission to receive grants based on the implementation of 39 milestones and three selected objectives. In November, the country also requested loans in connection with the achievement of one goal.

The Commission said Greece had successfully implemented 39 milestones and 4 objectives, which included a series of reforms to increase the efficiency of public administration, including the creation of a multi-level governance system to streamline the division of responsibilities between central, regional and local authorities, as well as stepping up the fight against corruption and smuggling.

Greece will repay part of its loans to the eurozone ahead of schedule

Reforms have also been implemented to address weaknesses in urban planning, promote upskilling of employees and the unemployed, and establish a regulatory body to allow a more rational and effective waste management system and more sustainable management of water resources.

The reforms also cover the introduction of fair and transparent public procurement of public urban and interurban passenger transport services and the improvement of the regulatory framework for industrial parks.

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