The screen mate of Desi Stoyanova from "Before Noon" - Petar Dochev, with sadness of eyes revealed the cruel truth about the death of the host's husband. And quite surprisingly it did not appear on bTV.

We recall that Stoyanova's husband, journalist Velislav Rusev, died suddenly. That is why she did not appear on air yesterday, but only this morning the team of the show officially announced the sad news.

"Today Desi Stoyanova will not be with us. She lost her loved one, her husband - the respected journalist Velislav Rusev. The family asks for understanding and time to allow them to be together in grief and overcoming this immense personal loss. We, the team of "Before Noon", love her, we are next to her in this difficult moment and we are waiting for her to return, "were the words of Petar Dochev.

In her place in today's episode we see the actress Polly Nedkova, who will be the support of Dochev, who is recently the host of "Before Noon" and still does not have enough experience to cope with the hosting of a whole show on her own. That's why he asked his close colleague Polly Nedkova for help so as not to carry the heavy load of a whole transmission.

Journalist Velislav Rusev has died

It is not clear when Desi Stoyanova will return to the screen, but the team does not pressure her and will give her the time she needs to overcome this difficult moment.

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