For the fourth day, villages in Montana are without electricity. In others, there is a partial power supply.

Seven of the 23 villages of Montana Municipality have been without power since Saturday night. In the dark continue to be the residents of Belotintsi, Viniste, Soldiers, Dolna Riksa, Klisuritsa, Smolyanovtsi and Slavotin. There is no drinking water in these villages. In another seven villages, a partial power supply was supplied. These are Gorna Verenitza, Dr. Yosifovo, Studen Buche, Gabrovnitsa, Lipen, Krapchene and Stubel.

"The electricity distribution company assured me that today the power supply in these settlements will be restored. As it is possible only in Soldiers to continue to have no electricity, "said the governor of Montana Ivaylo Antonov.

In the municipalities of Varshets and Berkovitsa there is also a problem with electricity in some villages. Due to accidents in the pumping stations, there are also settlements without water.

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