A panel of the Kyustendil District Court upheld the ruling of the Dupnitsa District Court, which dismissed the request of the defense and Vasil Mihaylov, son of the prosecutor from Pernik Biser Mihaylov and he remains in custody. The decision is final, BNR reported.

The 20-year-old man from Pernik, who made headlines because of his frequent appearances before court instances, is in custody "Detention". He was indicted by the Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office as a defendant for a crime - a threat of murder to a girl with whom he had an intimate relationship.

In the first instance, the measure was confirmed. An appeal followed.

Dupnitsa District Court Remits Prosecutor's Son from Pernik

In its reasoning, the District Court stated:

The court found no grounds to revoke the protocol ruling of RS-Dupnitsa, assuming that all legal prerequisites for taking the most severe measure of detention are present. There is a reasonable suspicion of authorship of the incriminated act for which he was involved, as well as the existence of a real danger that the accused will commit a crime. In relation to the new circumstances put forward by the defence, neither the duration of the period of detention, which is less than two months, nor the defendant's state of health, are of the nature of determining a change in the detention order.

The ruling of the Kyustendil District Court is final and is not subject to appeal and protest.

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