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  • Ceasefire between Israel and Gaza extended by two more days
  • 30 Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails
  • Hamas also released 12 Israeli hostages.
New Delhi:

Under the agreement between Israel and Hamas, the ceasefire in Gaza (Israel Hamas Ceasefire Deal) has been extended by two days. Under the earlier agreement, Monday was the last day of the ceasefire, but with the efforts of Egypt, Qatar and the United States, it was extended by two more days, i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday, after which the release of hostages and prisoners continues. The Israeli government on Tuesday released 30 Palestinian prisoners held in its jails. This information has been given by quoting the report of The Times of Israel.

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Israel releases 30 Palestinian prisoners

The Israel Prison Service confirmed it had released 30 Palestinian prisoners as part of an agreement to secure the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza. The Times of Israel reported that according to Qatar, the list of prisoners to be released includes 15 women and 15 minors. Hamas has also released Israeli hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Hamas releases 12 more hostages on first day of extended truce deal

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Hamas releases 12 Israeli hostages

On the first day of the increased ceasefire, Hamas released 12 Israeli hostages, including two foreign nationals, the Jerusalem Post reported. The hostages mainly include the elderly and some of their family members. Under the agreement, Israel has halted air surveillance over the enclave for about six hours a day so that Hamas can locate all hostages held at different locations. So far, 60 women and captive children have been released from Gaza.

PM Netanyahu again talks about the elimination of Hamas

Under a separate agreement, a Filipino and 25 Thai nationals were also released, as well as an Israeli Russian national, the Jerusalem Post reported. Last month, four women, two Americans and two Israelis, were also freed from Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that his country was committed to the return of all hostages, the elimination of Hamas and the promise that Gaza would no longer pose a threat to Israeli citizens.

The Israeli PM wrote in his official post on X, "We are committed to continuing our mission. The return of all our kidnapped people, the elimination of Hamas above and below the ground, and the promise that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to Israeli citizens."

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