President Daniel Noboa and his Vice President Veronica Abad on Nov. 15, 2023. (Credit: RODRIGO BUENDIA/AFP via Getty Images)

(CNN Español) -- Ecuador's Vice President Veronica Abad on Tuesday accepted her appointment as "ambassador for peace" to Israel that President Daniel Noboa announced on November 24, a day after taking office, but when requesting a meeting with him to obtain details of what his mission would be, the Presidency reported that it will meet with the foreign minister for those purposes.

Abad's appointment to that mission in the conflict between Israel and Hamas means that he will have to move to the Ecuadorian embassy in Tel Aviv for an indefinite period of time.

Abad stressed in a press conference that he has requested information from the Ministries of Labor, Foreign Affairs, Government and Defense to comply with what was entrusted "for the benefit of the people and to guarantee constitutional stability, so that in a bad political agreement I am not interposed by an abandonment of office as they are pretending."

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In accepting the diplomatic duties, Abad said, in response to a question from CNN, that she will fulfill the task of "Ecuador's ambassador to Israel" and at the same time maintain her position as vice president fulfilling the only function entrusted by Noboa. Abad added that there will not be a career ambassador, but that she will be the head of that legation in Tel Aviv and that Israel has already given its approval.

Still, the vice president asked Noboa to sit down and talk with her and warned that even the United States has not been successful in brokering peace between Israel and Palestine despite the "political power it has and the millions it has injected."


After Abad's statements, the Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency responded on its official X account, formerly Twitter, that "the president has arranged for the chancellor to meet with the vice president, with the aim of coordinating all the necessary actions for the fulfillment of such a high mission."

Although Ecuador's constitution states that the president will assign the functions he sees fit to his vice president, the decision adds to several indications of differences between the head of state and his running mate.

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Abad accused the president's communications team of having previously asked him not to speak in front of citizens. He added that speculation that he refused to go to the inauguration luncheon and the official photo op are not true.

CNN is trying to contact the president's communications team for their reaction to the allegation.

While it is still unknown when the vice president would travel and how long she will reside in Israel, she reported that, in preparation to take on the task entrusted to her, she has sent letters to request support from the UN secretary-general, the ambassadors of the United States, Russia and China as well as other countries friendly to Israel.

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