The Legislative Council today (29th) scrutinised and passed the Supplementary Appropriation (2022-2023) Bill, involving about $475.<> billion. Two legislators, Di Chi-yuen and Ng Kit-chong, digressed from the topic, and Ng Kit-chong was even stopped by the President of the Legislative Council, Leung Kwan-yin, reminding them to use the topic to play on the second occasion.

Di Zhiyuan spoke. (Photo by Lin Jingyi)

Di Zhiyuan took advantage of the topic to play a "knife" to the disadvantaged by criticizing the expenditure of the social welfare sector

At the meeting, the first Legislative Council member of the New Thinking Legislative Council to speak in the social welfare sector, Di Zhiyuan, opposed the 1% reduction in the recurrent expenditure of the social welfare sector, accusing the government of not consulting the social welfare sector, and saying that it was unreasonable to "operate" the disadvantaged groups. He added that the Government had pointed out that it would work with the public to tide over the difficult times, but 1 directorate-level supernumerary posts would be created within one year, describing it as "the Yamen recruiting troops and buying horses, and the people are frugal on food and clothing".

LegCo member Ng Kit-chong was accused of digressing in his speech at the Legislative Council. (Photo by Huang Haoqian)

Wu Jiezhuang talks about increasing taxes, and Liang Junyan stopped reminding digression

The next speaker to speak, Legislator Wu Kit-chong, pointed out that during the APEC informal summit, Chen Mo-po pointed out that many member states are considering how to increase tax revenue... Before the words fell, Leung Kwan-yin immediately stopped and said, "Members, according to the family lineage, the bill is not a separate debate, the first Di Zhiyuan (speaks) is tolerated, and the appropriation (draft) is not an additional allocation from the social welfare sector, please do not talk about matters related to the bill, and use the topic to play a second occasion."

Wu Jiezhuang ended his speech hastily, saying only that "I am speaking in support of this debate".

Legislature leans over the elderly in the Bay Area Lam Kin-fung talks about Hong Kong residential homes being accused of digressing rhetorically and asking Ho Qiming whether he knows the national conditions and the uniform statutory holidays - the establishment advocates the victory day of the Anti-Japanese War, and the government points out that he digresses Liang Junyan refuses to approve the revision