In a previous edition of "Invitation to Travel" in rapture we listened to architect Iliya Miladinov, who told us about Cuba – the country where he lives for more than half a century with short interruptions.

He is the co-author of the monument of Hristo Botev in Havana, together with the Cuban sculptor Carlos Rojas. Today our conversation continues with curious details about the Cuban way.

Vladina Tsekova and I visited his house in Boyana and the conversation inevitably started in three voices. From him I learned that the vaunted Cuban medicine suffers from the international blockade and pharmacies have only drugs produced on the spot. However, education remains at a high level.

Ice cream with the taste of crickets offered in Germany

Cuba and Bulgaria have had official diplomatic relations for more than 60 years. Do they even know about our country today? The answer is given by architect Iliya Miladinov, who is so in love with the Caribbean island that he is currently there.

When I heard that Coppelia, the largest ice cream maker in the world, was in Havana, my desire to come back rose sharply. From architect Iliya Miladinov we learned what is the national dish of Cuba and switched to traditional drinks.

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