"China strongly hopes that the past days of truce will not serve as a stage before a new round of offensive, but rather the beginning of further diplomatic efforts for a comprehensive and lasting ceasefire," Wang Yi said during a speech at the UN Security Council.China appeals to the international community to take real steps for a comprehensive and lasting ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the truce should be a good omen for the start of negotiations on this.UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed this morning On Wednesday, he welcomed the ongoing negotiations to prolong the truce announced in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israel, stressing the need to reach a real ceasefire, for humanitarian reasons.Guterres, in a speech to the UN Security Council, denounced what is happening to the Palestinian people in Gaza, saying: ""️The people of Gaza are facing an epic catastrophe before the eyes of the world and must move firmly towards a two-state solution." The UN Secretary-General added that "️more than 14,80 people have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the operations. "It is clear that we have witnessed serious violations, as <>% of Gazans have been expelled from their homes and are being pushed south."