Chhattisgarh Naxalite Attacks: Only a few days are left for the formation of the new government in Chhattisgarh. Earlier, Naxalites have once again become active in Bastar. In many areas of Bastar, the Naxalites who are on the backfoot are once again coming to the front and creating havoc. Incidents of arson and killings have increased in two months. Where there was a decrease in Naxal incidents. At the same time, there are continuous incidents again. An atmosphere of panic has once again been created in the state. Most of the incidents are taking place in Dantewada district.

Naxal-free village was built

Two days ago, Naxals set ablaze 14 vehicles, water tanks and machines in Bhansi village adjacent to dantewada district headquarters. Bhansi is the same village that was declared a Naxal-free village by the Dantewada police two years ago. Then the villagers heaved a sigh of relief. But once again the presence of Naxalites in this village has spread panic.

Naxals had demolished their own school by surrendering.

Bhansi is the same village where naxals had created havoc before 2019. In 2014, Naxals had demolished the primary school. Due to the Naxal scare, the government did not bother to restart this school. But in 2020, 18 Naxals from the area surrendered. After this, these people demanded from the officers that these schools should be restarted. As soon as the new education session started, the school was shifted here again. It was the first school in Bastar to be restarted.

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The Loan Verratu campaign had strengthened the sources

In fact, dantewada police started the Lon Varratu (homecoming) campaign 3 years ago. For the first time in Bastar, Dantewada police had announced the surrender by releasing a list of 1600 Naxals. After the start of this campaign, the surrender of Naxalites was going on continuously. This strengthened the police sources. The Naxals had started fleeing the border. The police surveyed more than 15 villages. After this, 15 villages were declared Naxal-free villages by bringing them from red to green category.

These major incidents took place in Bastar within two months-

- Fire at Bhansi asphalt plant.
Two labourers were killed in an IED blast in Narayanpur district.
A soldier was seriously injured in an IED blast in Aranpur-Jagargunda.
There were two incidents of arson at the NMDC plant in Dantewada.
- Murder in Narayanpur.
Today, Naxals set fire to the Jio tower in Barsur area.

Maoists' strength has decreased, says IG

Bastar IG P Sundarraj told NDTV that the strength of the Naxals has decreased. Security forces are active. Naxals are not able to harm the security forces. Therefore, civilians are trying to spread panic by targeting vehicles. Police camps are open in the core areas of Naxals. Naxals have fled from here. This time the election was also peaceful and the voting percentage has also increased. The force is ready to thwart every plan of the Naxalites.

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