The Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office has indicted two men – a Bulgarian and a citizen of Syria, who unlawfully assisted foreigners to reside in our country.

On 27.11.2023 in Nadezhda district in Plovdiv. Sofia, the defendants R.D. and A.I. unlawfully assisted 24 citizens of Syria and Palestine to reside in our country in violation of the law by providing them with transport by truck, brand "Ford". Among the foreigners was a minor boy from Palestine.

In this case, pre-trial proceedings have been initiated for a crime under art. 281, para. 2, item 1, item 4 and item 5 p. Al. 1 Mt. Art. 63, para. 1, item 3 of the Penal Code, for which a penalty of "imprisonment" of 1 to 6 years and a fine of BGN 5000,20 to BGN 000,<> is provided.

The truck was seized and included as material evidence in the pre-trial proceedings.

R.D. and A.I. were detained for up to 72 hours by a decree of a supervising prosecutor.

A request is to be submitted to the court for consideration of a case for taking a measure of remand in custody against the two defendants.

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