On Tuesday, Israel received 10 detainees, including a minor and 9 women, in addition to two Thai nationals, on the fifth day of the temporary truce with Hamas.

The IDF said its special forces escorted the ten Israeli citizens and two foreign nationals to Israeli territory.

Under the understandings, Israel released 30 Palestinian prisoners from Ofer prison and another detention centre in Jerusalem.

A statement issued by the Prisoners and Ex-Detainees Authority and the Palestinian Prisoners' Club said that this batch of freedmen includes 15 women and 15 children.

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens received the released prisoners, amid chanting slogans congratulating their release, and others calling for the release of all detainees.

Both sides decided to extend the truce to allow the release of more hostages and prisoners.

Israel has said the truce could extend indefinitely as long as Hamas continues to release at least 10 hostages a day.

But with fewer women and children remaining detained in Gaza, extending the ceasefire beyond Wednesday may require negotiating the release of at least some Israeli men for the first time.

The total number of hostages released by Hamas since the truce began last Friday is 81, 60 Israeli women and children and 21 foreign nationals.

Under the truce, Israel has so far released 150 Palestinian prisoners.