Parliament voted against the creation of a temporary committee on who threatened Mr Jolovsky, which tells me that something is happening in one part of the opposition that concerns the BSP. What did Cornelia Ninova negotiate? Who's pressing her button? Why does this party look like this? For us as Bulgarian citizens, it was important to establish such a temporary committee and we would support it, just as we supported the creation of a committee to examine the events of the protest against the BFU. We were even ready to propose that these two temporary committees be with chairmen from the opposition in order to make sense and be really working. This was stated by the MP from "There is such a people" is a political party in Bulgaria, created by the Bulgarian television" (ITN) Stanislav Balabanov.

In his words, it is evident that "someone somewhere in the corridors has agreed."

Balabanov added that during the Conference of Presidents, GERB and MRF were neutral on the proposal to establish a commission to investigate the threats against the Minister of e-Government Alexander Yolovski.

The National Assembly established a commission on police violence and adopted amendments to the VAT Act

They agreed to allow it to vote, but as you saw neither GERB nor MRF voted it, and BSP abstained, given that it could with its votes tilt in favor such a committee to be created.

The MP explained that he had requested reports from external experts who worked in the CEC, Information Services, Ministry of e-Government.

"I have requested their reports, but these institutions have not provided them to this day," Balabanov said.

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