The ex-husband of singer Anna Trincher, blogger and businessman Alexander Voloshin explained for the first time why he decided to dissolve their marriage.

On his Instagram page, Voloshin left a detailed post with an explanation. In it, Alexander honestly admitted that he was just "burnt out" and did not want to torment his wife at that time:

"I made a promise to myself: if I feel like I'm burning out in a relationship, I have to do everything to remove it, or tell the person about it and prevent 'abusive' behavior on my part. That's exactly what I've done now. I came to Anya and honestly told everything," the blogger shared.

He also admitted that he really didn't want to be like his father, with whom he does not communicate. Therefore, he decided for himself that if his feelings for Trincher had passed, he would not mock her and would be frank:

"Many of you know that I don't have my own father, or rather he is alive, but he is not in my life. However, few people know that my father abused my mother. Yes, sometimes he abused him physically, but more morally... He didn't pay attention to her, didn't provide for her, he constantly disappeared with friends and more, swore and screamed at his mother. It was etched in my head, but not as a model of correct behavior, but vice versa. I loved and still love my mother very much. And when I saw how some man hurt her, it hurt me too! I knew, and I know now, that I would not be like him! I will never treat women the way he does," Voloshin explained.

Anna Trincher and Alexander Voloshin / Photo:

Recall that the other day Anna Trincher and Alexander Voloshin stunned their fans with the news that they were getting divorced a year after the wedding. Trincher said in tears that her husband was the initiator of the breakup.