The woman told how she found out about her boyfriend's infidelity just during the confession.

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In 2013, New Yorker Tiffany Lin, who was head over heels in love, videotaped her lover as he competed in Fear Factor Live — a competition in which daredevils test their mettle — in front of a live audience at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. She was filming her boyfriend CJ on her phone.

Midway through the show, he publicly asked Lynn, "Will you marry me?"

But her dizzying excitement gave way to terrible devastation when a text message suddenly appeared on CJ's phone with the following content: "Okay, marry her. She's a safe choice for you," followed by unflattering criticism of their latest sexual encounter.

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Lin eventually learned that the author of the message was a woman with whom CJ had secretly had sex throughout their two-year romance.

"The best moment of my life turned into the worst moment of my life," said Lynn, now 42. "It took me 10 years and about $10,000 in therapy to finally talk about it. I'm telling my story now because I want to help others who may be in a similar situation."
Then the girl "just smiled." She noted that no one in the crowd of spectators at the theme park knew that she was the object of this man's overture.

"I'm really good at masking my trauma without making a scene," she admitted, "so I didn't say anything at all."

Instead of exploding over the betrayal, Lin accepted his diamond ring and spoke calmly about his infidelity.

hesitation, it would seem, CJ confessed his sins and apologized. Lynn forgave because of her unwavering love for the handsome man. But after two months of trying to forget it, she announced that she was breaking off her engagement.

"I just can't regain that trust," she said. "Every time I looked at the ring on my hand, it seemed ruined."

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Lin returned the jewelry and cut off contact with CJ for good. However, she learned that since their breakup, the cheater has gone through a series of failed relationships, including a divorce.

"He's a certified narcissist," Lin said. "I hope other women will protect themselves from fools like him."

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